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Please use the form to the right to reach out to me if you're unable to contact me through Discord or social medias. I'll get back to you at my earliest convenience.

Thank you! ♡

Please note, commissions are currently closed.
Working on queue/wait list.


Thanks for taking a peek! Here you’ll be able to find out about my commissions, and see work that I've previously done.

I offer a wide variety of illustrations that range from small pieces such as emotes or icons, to full body character art.

Raespberri comes from my middle name (rae) combined with berry (berri)—“raspberry”. ♡

Please contact if any questions.


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Avatars/profile pictures


Sub & Bit Badges

Panels, Scenes, etc. (Twitch)

Past examples can be found on my Instagram!

Commission Info

Commissions are currently: CLOSED (working on queue)

Last updated: September 9, 2020

Emotes & Badges

Sizes provided: 112px, 56px, 28px (typically for Twitch Emotes; however, if another size is needed please let me know)

Sizes provided: 72px, 36px, 18px (Badges)

♡ Emotes ♡
$20 for one$54 for three ($18 per additional emote past three)

♡ Sub/"Bit" Badges ♡
$15 for one$20 for one badge and color variations$60 for a bundle of five*

* You have to buy 5 or more different badges for the $10 bundle price, but you can also mix and match the "bit" and sub badges together.


Sizes provided: 500px

♡ Chibi ♡
$30 each (shaded only)
-- ✧ - ✧ - ✧ --

♡ Non-chibi ♡
$40 each (shaded only)


Sizes provided: Can vary based on drawing, please specify

♡ Fullbody only ♡
Lines: $30Flat Color: $40Shaded: $55

⁺Flat color includes cell shading (minimal blending)


Additional items that are included within the illustration may be priced accordingly depending on the complexity of it.

♡ Backgrounds ♡
Basic color(s) or border: FreeSimple: $10Complex, integrated: $15+
-- ✧ - ✧ - ✧ --

♡ Props ♡
Weapons, Armor, Books, Food, Handheld Items$5-15+
-- ✧ - ✧ - ✧ --

♡ Animals ♡
Cats, Dogs, Smaller animals$15-25+
-- ✧ - ✧ - ✧ --

All other objects, animals, or props that do not fit these categories, please ask for more details.


Sizes provided: 320px wide, height can vary

♡ Text & Character ♡
$25 each

♡ Text Only (+simple icon) ♡
$10 each


Sizes provided: Can vary, typically 1920x1080px

♡ BRB, Starting Soon, Offline, etc ♡
Depends on content wanted; to get an idea without asking for a quote, you can base it off of if you wanted chibi or non-chibi, along with any additional propsTypically ranges from $60-90, but again, can be more if it's more complex and detailed


Sizes provided: Can vary based on drawing, please specify

♡ Headshot/Bust ♡
Lines: $20Flat Color⁺: $30Shaded: $40
-- ✧ - ✧ - ✧ --

♡ Knees ♡
Lines: $30Flat Color⁺: $40Shaded: $50
-- ✧ - ✧ - ✧ --

♡ Fullbody ♡
Lines: $40Flat Color⁺: $50Shaded: $65
-- ✧ - ✧ - ✧ --

⁺Flat color includes cell shading (minimal blending)

Bigger works

Anything that doesn't fit within the categories above, or if you're interested in a larger piece, please be sure to inquire! I'm happy to provide a price and time estimate based on what you're looking for.

Interested in commissioning? Please read:

Terms of Service

Last Updated: August 3, 2020


Please give references or describe what you want with detail. Providing more detail and/or image references helps me get more of an idea of what you're looking for, and thus a better outcome.

Please be sure to let me know any changes you'd like to be made during the sketch process, as it is harder and more time consuming to alter the piece after the lineart and shading is finished.

Commissions are first come first serve, I do them in order as shown in the slots; however, if I receive payment before another, I will proceed to complete that first.

I sometimes stream when I'm drawing, if you do not want it to be streamed or posted anywhere afterwards, please let me know!


All payments are in USD (United States Dollar) through PayPal. I reserve the right to cancel and refund the money for your commission at any time.

Upon providing a sketch, payment is required before moving forward. No refunds once a piece is started or finished. If you need a refund prior to me starting the piece, simply ask.

Prices may vary based on the complexity of the character or piece (please be sure to reference the "misc." section for an idea of additional costs), price information will be provided up front and will not change once the price quote has been provided unless additional things are asked for afterwards.

Once payment is received, no major changes to the piece will be made; therefore, no price adjustments will be made to the piece.

Copyright and Usage information:

I reserve all rights to the produced drawings listed here, or on my social medias—not the commissioner or anyone else.

For the commissioner, all pieces are non-commercial and for personal use only, unless stated otherwise.Please note, emotes are non-commercial and are to only be used on Twitch/Youtube/Discord as emotes. They are not to be used elsewhere for anything else other than emotes and profile pictures if necessary (they are not to be edited or modified into panels, banners, etc.).Do not remove the watermark on any piece shown or commissioned; watermarks are small and non-intrusive on commissioned pieces.Do not alter any pieces shown in anyway (this includes, but not limited to recolors and cropping).Do not trace any work shown and claim as your own.

Interested in purchasing commercial rights?

To purchase rights to use the commission on merchandise, an additional charge will be added onto the cost of the commission based on the project and the intended use.Commissioned commercial pieces will not be posted or shown by me—if they are, a smaller resolution or cropped version will be used (at commissioner's discretion).Intent of use must be provided when purchasing the rights of the piece when discussing the commission.If the rights are purchased, I'll provide a document of the agreement reached for intended use, and what the rights are being given to. If this agreement is broken, or the piece is used maliciously for something other than it's intended use, I reserve the right to dispute anything not previously outlined within the rights given. This will be in PDF format only.If you would like to use the piece for anything other than what was listed on the agreement, please reach out to me for adjustments. Adjustments may cost depending on additional intended uses not already discussed.I have the right to reject the purchase of these rights, and to keep the commissioned piece non-commercial. If this is the case, and only a commercial use piece is wanting to be commissioned, then the commission will not be done so that there is no misunderstanding.

Breaking the Terms of Service, is considered copyright infringement, and I have the right to file a report to have the piece(s) removed.

Do's & Don'ts

♡ Will Do ♡

Slight Anthro (not full)CouplesGroupsPetsSlight GoreSlight NSFW/NudityWeapons and Armor

♡ Won't Do ♡

PornGraphic GoreMechaVehicles

Don't see it on the list, but are curious if I'll do it? Just ask! I'd be happy to clarify.

How to contact

The easiest way to reach me is via Discord, jenna#0001

You can also contact me via twitter and instagram at raespberri, there are links to the top left.

Additionally, you can also send an email using the form on the front page. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


Commissions are currently closed, working on the current wait lists/queue!~

Live Updates

Please see my Trello board for more detailed updates and past commissioners.

General FAQ's

How long have you been drawing?

Since I was in 3rd grade; got more serious about it in High School though, and majored in it for college. I'm pretty much self-taught, aside from what was learned in college.

What do you draw with?

I currently use an XP-Pen 15.6" Pro, and I use Clip Studio Paint. I have an iPad that I use Procreate on sometimes for sketches, but most of it is done on my PC now.

Do you do art full time?

Nope, I work a full-time job, and art/commissions are currently my hobby. Please keep this in mind if you're commissioning me! :)

Commission FAQ's

How long does it take?

This depends on current availability and how long it takes to work through the sketching process. Once payment is received, turnaround time can take anywhere from a day to a week depending on what is ordered.
Emotes, sub badges, panels, and profile pictures usually take a day or two; whereas, chibi's and non-chibi's may take up to a week.

If you need it done by a certain date/time, please let me know when ordering.

What do I receive?

Upon completion, you'll receive the finished piece and any alterations needed for cropping or resizing. Please be sure to let me know if you need a specific size, or if you need a transparent or non-transparent background.

All pieces are usually transparent unless a background is requested.

What about payment?

Payment is required after the sketch has been shown and agreed on. The sketch will show the rough lines of the piece, and the basic colors of it.

This is covered in the ToS, but all payments are in USD, please be sure to convert to your currency to double check the price based in your currency. I currently only accept PayPal for payment (PayPal also offers the option to check out as a "guest" and to use a debit/credit card without having an account, it should be located under the login option).

Please be sure the sketch is to your liking before proceeding with payment. If anything needs updated or changed, please be sure to tell me beforehand so that I can update the sketch, and have you approve it again before sending an invoice to proceed with completing the piece.

No refunds once a piece is started or finished. If you need a refund prior to me starting the piece, simply ask.

Is there a limit on what I can commission?

I currently do not have a maximum limit as to what you can commission; however, if I think I cannot do it, or do not have the time to do it, I'll let you know before you commission.

Thank you

I'll be sure to respond to you as quickly as I can. Thank you for your patience in the meantime! If you think of anything else, please feel free to re-submit using the same form.

Thank you!
—raespberri ♡