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Thanks for taking a peek! Here you’ll be able to find out about my commissions, and see work that I've previously done.

I offer a wide variety of illustrations that range from small pieces such as emotes or icons, to full body character art.

Raespberri comes from my middle name (rae) combined with berri (berry)—“raspberry”.

Please contact if any questions.



Headshot, Knees, Fullbody



(ie. twitch, discord, etc.)


Sub Badges,


Less Complex

More Complex

Detailed Work

All Prices in USD via paypal

To iterate, prices are below for each of the examples previously listed and additional information on objects/props.


Fullbody only
Lines: $20
Flat Color: $25
Shaded: $35


Lines: $15
Flat Color⁺: $20
Shaded: $30

-- ✧ - ✧ - ✧ --

Lines: $20
Flat Color⁺: $25
Shaded: $40

-- ✧ - ✧ - ✧ --

Lines: $30
Flat Color⁺: $35
Shaded: $50

-- ✧ - ✧ - ✧ --
Flat color includes cell shading (minimal blending)


Chibi: $15
Non-chibi: $30


(ie. twitch, discord, etc.)

$15 each

-- ✧ - ✧ - ✧ --

Less complex:
text&an emoji or symbol, $8

More complex:
text&character, $20

-- ✧ - ✧ - ✧ --

Sub/"Bit" Badges:
1 Badge: $15
1 Badge, 4 color alts: $20
5+ Different badges: $45*

* You have to buy 5 or more different badges for the $9 bundle price, but you can also mix/match "bit" and sub badges.


Weapons, Books, Food,
Handheld Items

-- ✧ - ✧ - ✧ --

Cats, Dogs,
Smaller animals

-- ✧ - ✧ - ✧ --

All other objects, animals, or props that do not fit these categories, please ask for more details.

For bigger pieces that have detailed characters and backgrounds, please reach out for a quote.

(please click)

What are you willing to draw?

Pretty much any of the examples give is a decent idea of what I’m willing to draw and my style. Please note, I’m better at females than males, but I’ll still draw both. I'm also willing to draw additional props, objects, pets, etc., but price will vary depending on what it is and will be worked out at the time of initial inquiry.

A general rule of thumb is to just ask and please be thorough in what you want.

"Props" ($5-20 depending on complexity)
animalistic ears, tail, paw gloves, etc.
simplistic backgrounds
some nudity - if interested in NSFW, inquire for further details

What won't you draw?

full anthro/fursuit
gore/graphic detail

How long does it take?

This depends on current availability and how long it takes to work through the sketching process. Once payment is received, turnaround time can take anywhere from a day to a week depending on what is ordered.

Emotes, sub badges, panels, and profile pictures usually take a day or two; whereas, chibi's and non-chibi's may take up to a week.

If you need it done by a certain date/time, please let me know when ordering.

What is the finished piece?

Upon completion, you'll receive the full-sized piece, and any additional sizes needed. For emotes and sub badges, I resize them to fit the requirements needed.

Full-sized: 500px, 150dpi
Twitch's resizing for emotes: 112px, 56px, 28px
Twitch's resizing for badges: 72px, 36px, 18px

Panels: 320px width (height adjustable)

Chibi/Non-chibi: size varies, if you'd like a specific size please ask; otherwise, all drawings are done in 300dpi

⁺dpi is dots per inch, which is the overall quality of the drawing. more dots, more detail; however, increases loading times via PC.

72-150dpi is standard for web
150-300dpi standard for printing

How will payment work?

Payment is required once a sketch has been provided to proceed with the piece. The sketch will show the rough lines of the piece, and the basic colors of it.

Please be sure the sketch is to your liking before proceeding with payment. If anything needs updated or changed, please be sure to tell me beforehand so that I can update the sketch, and have you approve it again before sending an invoice.

No refunds once a piece is started or finished. If you need a refund prior to me starting the piece, simply ask.

Payment types?

I’ll only accept USD via Paypal.

Can I pay after?

Sorry, but no. Payment is required after the sketch. I’ll provide progress shots as much as you want–usually starts with the sketch, then the line/ink drawing, then flat coloring, then shading. This will hopefully ensure the person ordering and ease their nerves that I’m actually doing the work. I can even stream if wanted.

Where can I use my commissioned piece?

You can use it wherever you want! Just as long as you provide proper crediting. So if you order emotes or buttons for twitch, please note on your twitch page where they came from.

Usually anything with art pieces, I’ll put a watermark on it. I ask that you leave that watermark (it's usually not big anyway).

If you’re uploading to show other people on your tumblr, twitter, etc. Please link back to me, whether it be this page, my instagram, twitter, etc. If I've posted it, please use that to repost/retweet so that it's easier.

Otherwise, I’m pretty lenient on it, if I see it’s a problem, I’ll make sure to update this to how I see fit.

Please see here for additional Terms of Service


The easiest way to reach me is via Discord, jenna#0001

You can also contact me via twitter and instagram at raespberri, the links above and on the front page will take you there!

Additionally, you can also send an email using the form below. I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank You! ♡

I'll get back to you shortly--typically within a day.